Let me tell you more about Lovell Developments

I use Lovell Developments to contract to various companies rather than use an Umbrella company but note I am a one man band.
Recruiters and companies usually prefer the less hassle approach of a Limited company over an Umbrella setup and working directly with myself.


It was the year 2004

Lovell Developments was formed in response to a redundancy and I've never looked back. Starting with small projects for lots of different companies I then moved on to working 3+ months for dedicated companies and this is how I currently operate.


C# From day zero

I have worked with C# from around 2002 with version 1.0 up to version 5. Historically I started with Basic in 1991, Turbo Pascal in 1994, C in 1995, Java & C++ in 1996 at university before crossing over to .Net in 2002.


iOS, Windows and Android Apps

I am quite fluent in writing mobile applications using native languages or Ionic for cross device support. Examples of my apps on the Play Store are here - Lovell Developments on the Play Store

AngularJS + other JS frameworks

With the transition of Umbraco to version 7 I started looking at AngularJS and other JS frameworks and they are fantastic.

I consider C#, MVC and SQL to be my strongest skillset but my new fondness for the lightweight approach of JS frameworks - especially AngularJS are growing.

Dive into TeChNoLoGy

Below I've listed some of the technologies I've been lucky to work with in my recent professional career.
Hopefully you will see some items listed that you wish to implement or discuss further.


Working with Bootstrap in it's SASS form reduces its overhead on page sizes and provides a great end product for mobiles / desktops and tablets.


CSS development within a team / across multiple projects can be easily handled through SASS splitting the globals, variables and page styles into managable parts.

TFS & Deployment

Code branching, Powershell deployment, staging & load-balancing are key components to a scalable application

CDN, Media Queries & Caching

Sometimes you want a site to not just be fast but really fast. Code optimisation and image quality aside there are many options to improve a sites User Experience.

Public Facing Sites
Security, Speed, Scalability & SEO

Some important areas to consider with any project subject to Specification or Sprint Plan.

Device Independent

Using responsive design and frameworks sites can be created for current and future screen resolutions. Imagine how 4K will affect those 1024px websites.

Feature Rich Experience

HTML5, JQuery and CSS3 bring with them a rich user experience. Using these tools and other extensions we can create a user fiendly, enjoyable and attractive experience for the user


Messaging & Queues

Whether it's data capture, emailing, queuing or just web chat there are methods and frameworks to handle this. Have you tried Lync chat in a browser yet with your customers?


XML or JSON? Both work well! Have you looked into Web API? or still using WCF? Both have their pros and cons.

Lee Lovell

Lovell Developments these days is mainly operated by just myself but sometimes depending on the work I enlist the help of several other people who have the skills I don't.

Lee Lovell

Started the company in 2004 after a redundancy and have since worked on some great projects with some fantastic people. I'm lucky enough to work with modern technologies and still have a desire to learn faster and better ways of implementing things. I'm a Level 2 Certified Umbraco Developer (C# / MVC) and can be verified via the Umbraco Search page

If you require infrastructure, design or project management help I would be happy to point you to some people I have worked with and whome I have confidence in to recommend.

Umbraco CMS - Unleash the beast

Small sites, SMEs or Enterprise! Umbraco I have experienced in each tier and can say that it performs as well if not better than most systems I've used before.

For more Umbraco info and CV information please visit uDeveloper.co.uk where I hope to discuss Umbraco in more detail


Start with a blank canvas and do it right

With Umbraco you can start empty and build up or you can utilise the many add-ons already built by developers around the word. There's no closed area or expensive tools, just open up the project and create what you need. Although I've used it for many years I still find quicker and smarter ways of doing things.


Frameworks and Community

Umbracos community is thriving, their conferences are growing year on year, planning for future releases is available to view and much more. Plus with the current technologies used in the creation of Umbraco you can re-use your current components or .Net libraries


Caching levels, membership & user management, SQL / Azure support.

Built on C# using MVC and AngularJS Umbraco utilises these leading technologies to allow your system to grow and not slow down. Umbraco supports many levels of caching from it's DB access to content to it's IIS support on page / personal macro caching.


Recovery and Load Balance support

Out of the box with a couple of simple tweaks Umbraco is capable of load balancing it's content allowing maximum use of infrastructure and redundancy.


If you are interested in working together then please get in touch as the date below is always subject to change. Although I try to keep this site updated there may be some delays out of my control.

  • 2016 Q2
  • Contract Agreed
  • April - BOOKED
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  • June - BOOKED
  • 2016 Q3
  • Contract Agreed
  • July - BOOKED
  • August - BOOKED
  • September - BOOKED
  • 2016 Q4
  • Available at present
  • October - BOOKED
  • November - BOOKED
  • December - AVAILABLE FROM 23rd

*For day rates please drop me an email as below or call me for an informal chat and we can discuss.

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